Online marketing has dominated every business  in many ways over the past years, Networking happens every day because we practically meet people every day but most times we don’t realize it.

Whenever you are in a conference, workshops, trade shows these are places to meet and mingle with people, partners in your line of business and those who are not but might be interested in what you put on the table but the issue is not many people understand how to network or make friends, or even initiate a conversation.

The best networking comes from genuine relationships, not a business card exchange. No matter whom you’re trying to build a relationship with, treating that person as a friend rather than a business contact will take you much further with the relationship. So, think about how you would approach a potential friend. Find something you have in common with, keep it light, make jokes, and above all, show that you care.

Here are some of the mistakes people make and you should try and avoid it.

Being pompous: walking into an event like without you, the meeting wouldn’t hold, yes you want to be known and your attention noticed but you don’t have to be pompous and arrogant about it, because it can be a turn off.

To avoid this, Dale Carnegie states “you can make more friends in two months by being interested in other people than you can in two years trying to get people interested in you” ask questions about what other people are into rather than making everything about you, don’t forget networking is not a one man’s business, it is a two way street try not to miss the whole essence of networking.

Be intriguing.

If you want to make a connection with a new contact, especially a very busy one, the quickest way is to arouse that person’s curiosity with something unexpected. Sobel saw this demonstrated years ago when a friend of his met with an executive of a large telecommunications company. At the time, re-engineering was all the rage and that’s what Sobel’s friend had come to sell. But the telecom executive cut him off before he began, saying that the company had already engaged a high-profile firm and had its re-engineering well in hand.

Making Your disinterest show

This is a huge mistake you can make and this could offend people at events and if the person you’ve offended tells someone you are connected with this may jeopardise your connection with that person. This is simply bad manners because you made the person feel bad and if you do this repeatedly, you may make so many people disinterested in you before you know it.

How to avoid this, just try as much as possible to be aware you do this because sometimes, it may be conscious or an unconscious attitude, and if you noticed making this mistake, try to fix it and not just let it slip away like that.



Article by: Busayo Tomoh



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