It’s far critical that professional counseling must be made important more on the creation of adequate recognition of present-day high profile careers so that students may additionally have ample possibilities to explore and pursue careers that may be exceptionally worthwhile inside the cutting-edge global.

Findings found out that contributors have a low level of cognizance of modern careers. This fashion changed into the same among male and female, rural and urban students. Therefore, it becomes recommended that career training specializing in new careers should be prepared for college students now and again which will boost their stage of career focus and create career opportunities for them within the current globalized global.

Asides from the expansions that have to appear to these professions leading to the improvement of similarly moneymaking and vibrant professions, numerous new, excessive profile and beneficial professions providing promises of pleasant careers to the young ones have evolved across the globe. Relatively, however, the majority of our college students still suggest the traditional professions (medicine, regulation, engineering and so on) as their destiny targets. This shows that they’ll not be aware of the brand-new professions bobbing up across the world and which give terrific career opportunities to the younger ones.

Why Is Career Counselling Important?

Career focus is essential amongst students that allows you to understand the state’s goals as an emerging financial system. One of the major troubles going through Nigerian secondary college students is the challenge of creating the correct and practical occupational desire (Anasi, 2010). This then means that it rests on the Nigerian educationists and counselors to ensure that proper steps and measures are taken in order for the students to make the right selections occupationally. Choosing the proper profession is one of the hardest choices one will make.

Career choice and decision making in rural and urban centers remain a worrisome problem among Nigerian male and female students across the country as many students still rely on chance and luck elements when it comes to choosing a career because many of them are not aware of new opportunities (Ofem&Ajayi, 2008). The Federal Government of Nigeria (2001) stated that owing to the continuous emergence of new career opportunities in the world, when students leave the Junior Secondary School to the Senior Secondary level, such students need to complete career counselling to enable them to have a smooth transition to a specialized field of work, which shall eventually lead them to a desired occupational choice.

Internet Commerce A Cisco Systems, Inc. study suggests nearly 2.5 million people made a living directly from the Internet in 1999, which is up 36% from 1988 according to the report by the Centre for Research in Electronic Commerce (CREC) at the University of Texas at Austin (Yushau, 2006). The Internet commerce group, which included online retailing, business-to-business and to consumer groups, grew by 26%, to 725,000 people.

The following careers are also reported  to be making great waves and they offer great potentials to youth in the ever-changing world;

  • Social worker Social or community
  • Environmentalist
  • Restauranteur or hotelier
  • Web developer/ designer
  • Computer engineer
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Blogging

The fact of the modern-day time indicates that now not all school students can end up becoming medical doctors, attorneys and engineers regardless of how exceptional they fantasize this, however, there are equally high and rewarding professions which give remarkable hopes of fulfilling careers to the young ones. However, the quantity to which college students are aware of those careers may also decide their capability to explore such possibilities.




Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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