Introduction to Advanced Taxation

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Introduction to Advanced Taxation


This course will deal with the current tax system at the Advanced level and the focus of the course will be on:

  • Tax planning and Advice;
  • Capital Gain Tax;
  • Companies Tax; and
  • Petroleum Profit Tax.

Course/Learning Objectives By the end of this study, students are expected to be able to:

  • Distinguish between tax evasion and avoidance;
  • Discuss Tax Planning activities and strategies;
  • Discuss the concept, scope, and administration of Capital Gains Tax;
  • Outline and explain the offenses and penalty;
  • Distinguish between tax audit and investigation;
  • Give a general overview of the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria, covering activities in the upstream, midstream, downstream, gas utilization and oil sector; and
  • Explain the treatment of losses for petroleum companies

Course Requirement

  • Successful completion of the ICAN Foundation Courses.
  • Successful completion of the ICAN Skill Courses
  • A Recognized degree in Accounting from any University or Higher National Diploma of any Polytechnic.
  • Any other qualification for the time being approved by the Council.
  • The student possesses the basic educational qualifications.



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