Introduction to Audit and Assurance

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Introduction to Audit and Assurance


Brief Introduction:

This course is aimed at Skill level students of Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria(ICAN). The goal of this course to provide students with an overview on assurance of financial reporting taking into accounting current practice issues. This discipline introduces assurance as a service, its regulation standards and the process and chronology of audit to the students.  The aim of Assurance course is to ensure students understand the assurance process and fundamental principles of professional ethics and are able to contribute to the assessment of internal controls and gathering of evidence on an assurance engagement. The course examines:

  1. The need for external audit and assurance
  2. Public sector audit;
  3. Internal control;
  4. Evidence Gathering; and
  5. Audit Ethics.

Course Objectives/Learning Outcome:

At the end of this course and having completed the Essential reading and activities, students should be able to:

  1. Define and explain the concept of Audit and Assurance;
  2. Identify and explain using suitable comparisons the different levels of assurance that may be obtained from assignments.
  3. Explain the nature of internal financial control and internal control.
  4. State and explain the different types of internal control with emphasis on internal financial controls.
  5. Identify the circumstances where written representations may be required stating how reliable such evidence may be.
  6. Explain the importance of professional ethics.

Course Requirement:

  • Successful completion of the ICAN Foundation Courses.
  • Recognized degree in Accounting from any University or Higher National Diploma of any Polytechnic.
  • Any other qualification for the time being approved by the Council.
  • The student possesses the basic educational qualifications.

Targeted Audience:

ICAN Skilled Students

Estimated Study Time:

56 Hours



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