Introduction to Performance Management

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Introduction to Performance Management


This course examines the importance of an effective performance management system in helping organizations define and achieve short and long-term goals. It explains and reinforces the concept that performance management is not a one-time supervisory event, but an ongoing process of planning, facilitating, assessing, and improving individual and organizational performance. In addition, the course develops and deepens student’s capability to provide information and decision support to management in operational and strategic contexts with a focus on linking costing, management accounting and quantitative methods to critical success factors and operational strategic objectives whether financial, operational or with a social purpose. Students will be expected to be capable of analyzing financial and non-financial data and information to support management decisions.

Course/Learning Objectives By the end of this study, students are expected to be able to:

  • Compare and Explain and evaluate the use of value for money (VFM) techniques in performance management.
  • Variance Analysis.
  • Employ job-related performance standards and performance indicators that reflect the employee’s range of responsibilities.
  • Assess how increased employee involvement can contribute to effective performance and coach employees to identify career paths and resources available to support individual development.
  • Use of Internet Technologies for Performance management and Key Performance Indicators

Course Requirement

  • Successful completion of the ICAN Foundation Courses.
  • A recognized degree in Accounting from any University or Higher National Diploma of any Polytechnic.
  • Any other qualification for the time being approved by the Council.
  • The student possesses the basic educational qualifications.



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