Introduction to Management, Governance and Ethics

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Introduction to Management, Governance and Ethics


This syllabus is mainly aimed at applying relevant knowledge, skills and exercising professional judgement in carrying out the role of the accountant relating to Management, Governance, the management of risk within an organization, and Risk management in the context of an overall ethical framework whether in the private or public-sector entities. Core areas of the syllabus includes:

  • Strategic Management
  • Risk Management
  • Governance; and
  • Ethics

Course/Learning Objectives Students are expected to be capable of analyzing simple scenarios in terms of good and best practice and compliance in the context of knowledge and skills that they have cumulatively developed. They should:

  • Define governance and explain its function in the effective management and control of organisations and of the resources for which they are accountable.
  • Explain the role of the accountant in identifying and assessing risk
  • Explain and evaluate the role of the accountant in controlling and mitigating risk.
  • Demonstrate the application of professional values and judgement through an ethical framework that is in the best interests of society and the profession, in compliance with relevant professional codes, laws and regulations.

Course Requirement

  • Successful completion of the ICAN Foundation Courses.
  • A Recognized degree in Accounting from any University or Higher National Diploma of any Polytechnic.
  • Any other qualification for the time being approved by the Council.
  • The student possesses the basic educational qualifications.



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    Thank you for this introductory lesson.

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