Introduction to Quantitative Techniques in Business

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Introduction to Quantitative Techniques in Business


This course provides an introduction to the use of quantitative methods in business. Emphasis will be on achieving an understanding of quantitative techniques and associated statistical techniques considered so that you can think critically about suitable procedures for research design, collection and analysis of data, and decision making. Accountants use a range of mathematical and statistical techniques in accounting, performance management, financial decision-making, risk analysis and financial management and this syllabus component provides a foundation of the knowledge and skills that will be applied in later studies. This syllabus component assesses the knowledge and skills in a business and accounting context. The following topics will be reviewed:

  • Mathematics
  • Data collection Analysis
  • Statistics and
  • Operation Research

Course/Learning Objectives This lesson is targeted to enable the student and users to:

  • Distinguish and know the different approaches to Quantitative Reasoning
  • The diverse application of quantitative techniques in statistical analysis
  • The application of quantitative techniques in management decision making and other Industries.

Course Requirement

  • Recognized degree of any University or Higher National Diploma of any Polytechnic.
  • Any other qualification for the time being approved by the Council.
  • The student possesses the basic educational qualifications and should be fit and proper person to be registered.



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