Going down the memory lane during the pre-internet days, if someone asked you a complicated question, you have multiple options. You may see if people you know have the answer, pull out a dictionary, or even go to the library to carry out research. Whichever one you opt for, it is certain it will be more complex and time-consuming than what you’d do today: Google it.

With the internet comes the fast and easy method. Google has helped in so many ways and in shaping our lives, its impacts is evident in our daily lives and among them are:

Fast and Easy Communication

With google Gmail, people can communicate via messages in a prompt and easy manner. You can get information across to a single person or group of persons in just a beep and get feedback almost immediately without extra or hidden charges apart from your internet connection and all you need for this is the receiver’s email address. It has made searching e-mails easy, it eliminated restriction on the amount of e-mail we could store, because we can store as many as possible.

Capturing location in real time

Living in a completely different or new environment, it is always difficult and it takes time to find your way around. However, google map has made it easier and faster to easily find and know your way around quickly, by including traffic data and local public transport information. Asides this, small businesses also get exclusive online presence showing wherein the business is primarily located.

Ability to Plan Effective Meetings

Google Hangouts can be a superb asset to a company of any size, and the low cost makes it ideal for smaller businesses and startups too. Hangouts allow you to easily connect with employees, business colleagues and clients using calls and videos, making it convenient for those who travel or work from home. It also gives you the flexibility of connecting from virtually any device. You can share files as you chat via Google Drive, stream live broadcasts and hold staff meetings, and more.

Ability to Help Track People In case of Emergency

As useful as a smartphone, so is the Google’s Person Finder tool. This tool was launched after the 2010 Haiti earthquake and it is effective in tracking down missing people in a disaster. This has been a powerful tool in times of need.

With google, it is just like a wizard, it has vast quality of information you can go to google search and browse on “things I need to know about Mark Zuckerberg” “How to restore my desktop” “How to clear my cookies”, and Google does searches really great.

Limits Reasoning

However, it is also altering our brain, with the way we think, we are gradually giving up the ability to think and remember because we have greatly depended on Google for virtually everything. Once a question is given to us, we do not bother to think about it for a second what we do is to google it. But whether this is harmful to the development of the brain is another question for the experts.


Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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