By nature, humans tend to live together and learn from each other. For a long time, the latter involved finding others that had the required skills and spending enough time with them to learn.

Until the internet.

Internet changed the way we look at the world. It has touched all spheres of our life, not only industrial but the basic homes where we live. The internet has put all kinds of education on demand, allowing you to learn about almost anything you want to in a multitude of ways.

As access to fast broadband has improved and we’ve become more connected with teaching options, the channels through which we can learn have evolved in kind.

It’s a factor powering a do-it-yourself revolution, and whether it’s for fun or function, it’s all in your hands.

Here are some of the ways our more connected world is empowering people to do it themselves.

The power of YouTube

You could head to YouTube and type your query into the search engine and what will surface is where experts can take you through what could be wrong, how to check, and how to (hopefully!) fix up your things.

Not only do you save money, but you’ve learned a new skill, improved your knowledge of how showers work and felt your chest swell with pride.

This is just one example of the do-it-yourself explosion powered by video content on the internet.

From learning how to cook, fixing issues with your car, cleaning your pool, making stunning art, programming your electronics and so much more, there’s a video for almost everything.

Wi-fi even lets you take your video with you around the house, ensuring help is right by your side if you get stuck.

Travel agent

The internet has empowered a generation of do-it-yourself travellers – the world is our oyster. You don’t necessarily have to rely on a travel agent anymore and, if you do, chances are you can converse with them over the internet, eliminating the need to travel to them in person and allowing them to quickly send you personal itineraries and other documentation. 


The internet has also powered more traditional education opportunities.

Home schooling, online tertiary courses, tests and even learning games have become popular with Australians living in remote areas, or trying to fit their education around work commitments.

Webinars have also become a powerful tool for do-it-yourself home education, with high-speed internet allowing for multiple students and a teacher to share a live space.

This enables not just video content, but real-time communication via text, audio or even video.  

Using augmented reality: We spoke earlier about how-to videos and how much they have done for the do-it-yourself landscape, but a new revolution is coming.

As the availability of augmented reality technology increases and more developers jump on board, we’re starting to see instructions leap off the screen and into the real world.

Starting a business

The do-it-yourself phenomenon has advanced so far on the back of our more connected world that it has extended to entire businesses.

Visual editing software like WordPress has made designing your own website a task no longer reserved for developers.

International distributors like Amazon, Google and iTunes have made it possible to get digital products to anyone, anywhere they have connectivity.

This is all just the beginning, too. As our internet gets faster and we become more connected, the opportunities to learn and apply our knowledge will become closer and closer to real-time, and be less restrictive.


Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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