Modern-day students not only have computers to help them with their schoolwork, they also use the Internet for research while teachers use technology to enhance their lessons.

What Are The Impacts of Technology In Classrooms?

Online Classrooms

Online classrooms are being used all over the world and are creating global classrooms. This can help to increase the number of students in developing and third world countries to get the education they need. Though the numbers of people enrolled in these schools is still lower than in America, it is climbing regularly.

With global classrooms more than just formal education can be found. There are sites that offer classes that can help to give people more knowledge. Even if this is something as simple as internet safety or something similar, it is still something that is worth knowing about.

This can help to give people more knowledge and understanding that can help them throughout their life.

There are still some issues that the online classroom faces in other countries. One of the biggest issues is the fact that most classes are still in English. While there are some who may speak English, not all do, which can put certain students at a disadvantage. There are many online classrooms that work with translators and are slowly translating their courses so they can be used by people all around the world.

The Tablet in Place of Text Books

Instead of playing board games that focus on education, students can learn the basics of spelling, counting and other early educational lessons through computer games that make learning fun. Because many schools have at least one computer in each classroom, the teacher can make that computer a vital part of learning for young students.

In the past, students could take distance or continuing education classes, also called “correspondence courses,” at community colleges and universities. After enrolling in a course of this style, a student would receive course documents in the mail and would be required to mail assignments to his teacher at the educational institution. The process could be long and complicated. Thanks to technology, continuing education students can take courses over the Internet at their convenience advanced network that is connected to the rest of the world.

ICT provides resources and services to support the education, research and public services missions to universities. ICT also enhances the development and implementation of policies and procedures necessary to ensure the effective, secured and appropriate use of universities information resources and services. ICT provides a lot of services for students including distance education programmes, inexpensive printing, cell phone plans, internet connection, free dial-up, technology equipment, rentals classroom media stations, etc. Lecturers and students get relevant materials needed through the Internet. Such quality materials are used in equipping the students and upgrading their knowledge in their field of study.

The Introduction of the SMART Board

When many people think of the most crucial tool in the classroom, often times it is white board. This is because it is where the teacher can teach visually to the class while teaching a certain topic. It is important because people learn in different ways and learning a lesson in numerous ways can help to give a deeper understanding that will stay with the student.

With the introduction of the SMART Board, the white board will never be the same. The SMART Board utilizes a digital projector to project the data on a synched computer to the white board in the classroom. This has come to be used by all levels of education, from preschool through to graduate classes. There are many ways that it can impact the classroom. Using these boards makes the learning experience more comprehensive for the students.

Teachers are able to use different resources on their computers while teaching that before were unheard of. Even if this is just something as simple as watching videos on a topic or being able to see pictures related to the topic, it can make a significant impact on the way students understand the lesson they are being shown. It has even been shown to be very helpful for children with special needs.


Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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