Think of television commercials, billboards, magazine ads, radio ads, and web banner ads, you may also be thinking when will I start marketing my products/ business with all these exorbitant advert rate, how do I get people to know and see what I sell and what I have to offer without moving around under the sun?

That worry shouldn’t be an issue again because there is a convenient way now with the internet for you to reach a wider audience than engaging in the traditional yelling or the “waka about” method.

Areas of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing can be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing, email marketing and social media marketing:

Email Marketing involves both advertising and promotional marketing efforts via e-mail messages to current and prospective customers.

Social Media Marketing involves both advertising and marketing via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Digg.

Search Engine Optimization  involves the optimization of landing pages within your website to increase the number of visitors.

Importance of Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is important because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Studies by analyst Gartner indicate that increasing numbers of consumers use social media and research on mobile Internet to carry out preliminary product and price research before making final decisions.

Internet marketing enables you to personalize offers to customers by building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences. By tracking the web pages and product information that prospects visit, you can make targeted offers that reflect their interests. The information available from tracking website visits also provides data for planning cross-selling campaigns so that you can increase the value of sales by customer.

Internet marketing enables you to build relations with customers and prospects through regular, low-cost personalized communication, reflecting the move away from mass marketing.

Also, by marketing on the Internet, you can overcome barriers of distance. You can sell goods in any part of the country without setting up local outlets, widening your target market. You can also build an export business without opening a network of distributors in different countries.

There is a faster response to the end user through internet marketing

With internet marketing, there is an increased interactivity with the end users and you get feedbacks directly and how best to improve on your products.

Likewise, there is an increase in the exposure of products and services and boundless universal accessibility for all your products

Strategies for Online Marketing

There are so many strategies involved when it comes to internet marketing: You must have a direction, a plan, the right tools, and ways to measure your progress if you expect to get anywhere with your strategy.

  • You need to have a goal and vision to keep you going this is important, you need to know what you want and the desired outcome before heading down the road to get there.
  • Know your customer. If you aren’t targeting the right audience (those people who will lean in to hear what you’re saying), you won’t find success. And, if you can’t find a way to stand out with your products, you’ll blend with other brands competing for attention in your industry.
  • Know your why and who. This is a great question you need to answer once you know who you want to sell to, you also need to answer the question of what problem you want to solve, what creates interests in your audience before you decide the products to sell, what do they want to learn, how can you help solve problems in your field? If you are able to answer these questions correctly then be rest assured you’ll sell and stand out.
  • Content Focus and Commitments. What types of content will you create? How often will you post? Where will you post? You have to nail down these foundations so you can create content with consistency and quality.
  • Content Creation.  If your content is substandard, you need to get help for you to produce quality contents that will make you stand out. Always put out the best content you can.
  • Promote! Promote!! Promote!!! Your content will go a long way if you promote it the right ways. Promotion is more effective if you plan well strategize about publishing on your blogs share on social media, and build up followers who can help push your engagement over the top.


 Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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