On-Site Training

On-Site Training


Our staff are senior consultants and are seasoned facilitators and business advisors. We assist clients with their toughest meeting challenges, including problem solving and decision making, conflict and critical issue resolution, team building, strategic and operational planning, partnering, organization collaboration, leadership transitions, implementation planning and review, and design and facilitation of retreats and large conferences.

Why you should choose us

  1. We deploy trainers who are up to speed on all of the newest techniques and the use of technology in training
  2. We are easily adaptable to any company’s specific operations and procedures and may not spend so much time with the company before conducting training sessions. Depending on the level of training required, we may spend just few days learning the specifics of the company
  3. Depending on the kind of training required, our prices of your course interest are affordable without compromising on the quality of the learning experience.

We design training concepts that best match your objectives and requirements. In close cooperation with you, we shape and share responsibility for embedding our training course into the broader goals of your organisation and staff.

Our Objective

Our objective is to realise your goals by offering knowledge, training skills, and encouraging new behaviour. Our customised programmes can be delivered at Life Learners Training & Consultancy office, your own premises, or at any other suitable venue.

Our Methodology

Our methodology goes beyond frequently used training methods. All our participants are actively encouraged and empowered to take responsibility for their individual learning process. A personal needs analysis and/or conversation about the learning objectives and requirements of the participant are standard procedures. Our programmes appeal to the individual’s personal competencies, capacities and ambitions.

Furthermore, by exchanging ideas and sharing experiences we ensure that there is ample room for open dialogue amongst the participants. Challenging lectures are alternated with practical cases, simulation games and exercises, debating sessions, workshops, partnering, study visits and/or exchanges with experts.

We can assure you that after completing the programme, the participants will actively contribute to the professional development of your organisation.

Customized Designed Training

Each organisation faces context specific challenges and opportunities. Which is why our training courses are specifically designed to address the objectives and capacities of your organisation. Our training courses cover a wide range of aspects related to management, resource mobilisation and organisational development. We also offer Training of Trainers so you can organise your own training courses and continue to develop new programmes.

The duration of the workshop or course depends on your requirements, the complexity of the topic and the level and number of participants. Courses can be conducted in English and other preferred languages.