It is no longer necessary to go to the library for hard copy of journals, books or magazines, since the advent of internet has made it easy to access them on our own personal computers. And there hasn’t been a moment we don’t depend on the internet for one form of information or the other. Whether, to write a book, article, blog post or just to satisfy curiosity about a topic, we all go online. In fact, this is the first step before developing a content or writing an article and there hasn’t been a time we get stranded because answers are already there.


Open access works are free digital documents available on the Internet like, romance novels, popular magazines, self-help books, and the likes. Asides from attributing works to the author and being sure of the integrity of the work, users can copy and distribute these works.

Are All Free Digital Documents Open Access Documents?

Just because a digital document is freely available, does not mean that the copyright owner has given consent for its usage nor does the absence of a copyright statement necessarily mean that a digital document is in the public domain.

 Relevance of Open Access Literature to Distance Learning.

The Open access literature gives access to academic research, which favours large and wealthy institutions with the financial means to purchase access to many journals in teaching their learners.

Open access helps learners by opening up access to articles that their libraries do not subscribe to.

All researchers also benefit from open access as no library can afford to subscribe to every scientific journal and most can only afford a small fraction of them.

It also extend the reach of learner’s research beyond their immediate academic circle. Because, open access articles can be read by anyone –a professional in the field, a researcher in another field, a journalist, a politician or civil servant, or an interested lay person. Indeed, a 2008 study revealed that mental health professionals are roughly twice as likely to read a relevant article if it is freely available.

More so, the immediate online upload of research, results in faster growth of new knowledge and increase impact of the research.


Written by Busayo Tomoh

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