Organizing effective teaching is centered on certain factors such as what to teach, when to teach and how to teach. For an effective teaching to take place, a good method must be adopted by the teacher. To facilitate the process of knowledge transmission, teachers should apply appropriate teaching methods that best suit their specific objectives and learning outcomes.

However, the effectiveness of teaching methods indicates that the quality of teaching is often reflected by the achievements of learners. According to Ayeni (2011), teaching is a process that involves bringing about desirable changes in learners so as to achieve specific outcomes. In order for the method used for teaching to be effective.

Teaching style is categorized into three, the teacher-centered, the students centered, where the student has some control over the process and directs more or less the instructional activities with the teacher providing adequate guidance. And teacher-student interactive. Combining both teacher-centered and student-centered teaching methods in teaching learners is the most effective approach that produces best student results. The interaction between the teacher and students during the teaching and learning process encourages the students to search for knowledge rather than the lecturer monopolizing the transmission of information to the learners. Says Wiggins (1987)

The student-centered methods promote greater mastery of the subject than making a lesson one-way channel from the lecturer/teacher to the student. While applying teacher-centred methods produces results that will be highly discouraging. Given the high value placed on schools in Nigeria, the school curriculum and the nature of the subject, there is a need to teach subjects effectively using an effective method

A few of the problems affecting the teaching and learning of subjects are the meaningfulness of the content, the methods used and probably, the teacher who handles both the content and method.


The ineffective teaching of subjects in schools has resulted in poor achievement in the examination. This bring about the need for a more effective and result-oriented approach. In light of the fact that learning is a process that involves investigating, formulating, reasoning and using appropriate strategies to solve problems, teachers should realise that it becomes more effective if the students are tasked to perform rather than just asked to remember some information.

Furthermore, a typical learning environment with a presentation from the course teacher accompanied by a lecture neither promotes learners’ participation nor build the required level of reasoning among students. Students build a better understanding of the main concepts more effectively when they are engaged to solve problems during class activities.

Likewise, many factors contribute to a student’s performance including individual characteristics, family, peer group influence but research suggest that among school-related factors, research suggests that teachers and their teaching styles matter the most.  The best way to assess teacher’s effectiveness is to look at their “on the job performance” that is, what they do in the classroom and how much progress their students make in their performance and achievement tests. It is important for teachers however to teach using the best approach and also try and be flexible in their approach because their students’ performance lie solely on this.



Article by: Busayo Tomoh


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