Many people fail to attend higher schools because of financial issues with this reason, So many intelligent brains are been wasted on the streets, all in the name of the individuals can’t afford to send himself school.

Education is not a product; it is not something we “deliver”; and it shouldn’t be treated as a commodity.

Education is a process, one that takes place in the mind of the learner. In a university, this comes about as a result of experiences by more advanced learners, the apprentice teachers who are themselves graduate students, and the practising teachers who base their teaching in their own research. It should be noted that most universities don’t deliver an educational product, what they do is promote the creation of knowledge by students.

Every year, more and more students drop out of school especially universities for many different reasons, and a major reason is that of the cost. Prices have been constantly rising and no one knows how high the prices will be in the future. This issue is very concerning to students and the family members because most times there is no one that can help to regulate these exorbitant prices especially in private universities; that is why some federal universities embark on lecture boycott and strikes as this is the only instrument they feel is right for the reduction of the school fees. Along the way, some students have to drop out after so many efforts from family and friends to raise the tuition fees. The high cost as the only reason someone is not able to go to college is completely absurd because going to college can have a big impact on an individual’s future and how you live.

With academic abilities and the right mindset to go to a good university, the cost should not be an issue because the individual could end up being a positive asset to the college or the place they could end up working. With a good education degree, young people should have the opportunity to receive a quality higher education, enter the workforce, and contribute to the economy too.

The fact that the members of these communities of learning (students) ideally are finally speaking out should be met, without arguments or negotiation or pretence neither by turning deaf ears or putting these students behind bars. But with a re-commitment on the part of the public to the idea that education is an investment by all of us in all of us. It is an investment that requires resources: but one that will be repaid sevenfold.


Government funding for higher education is necessary in order to help young adults worry less about their future. The fear of debt is a major concern among Parents and students likewise because a lot of debt incurred by some parents come from student loans. The more debt a person has, the less they can participate in the economy. By raising taxes, the University education could be affordable to more people, which would result in less debt for students and parents. Personal debt creates a roadblock in the flow of the economy. Affordable education would allow students to graduate, begin their career, stay on their feet financially, and participate in the growth of the economy.



Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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