Technology today is advancing and emerging at a very high rate with the aim of making life easy and it has indeed made life easy. To mention few among other benefits of Technology: Access to information from around the world via Television with the help of satelitęs; Texting, chat, instant messaging and unlimited callings via our cell phones; Solutions to problems that would have taken days/weeks to solve can be accessed easily when we surf the Internet. Among other advanced technology developed gadgets, these are few that has become necessary for us, not just for the purpose they serve but also for the leisure.

Technology now has a grip on so many aspects of our lives. Though survival is very possible without the aforementioned gadgets let’s envisage their absence in our world. The newspaper would have been the possible means of getting information about the happenings in the state next to ours. Communication will be through letters and days/weeks will span to be presented with an information a cell phone is capable of delivering in less than 15 seconds. e-Learning, research, online training, Google search, school work, youtube video download would have been a “wish” and a trip to the Libraries to browse through the Encyclopaedia Britannica would have been the “easiest” means of knowing about the world around us. Television reality shows, Natural Geographic world, Documentaries and crime scene investigations are very educative, computer games relieve kids of the stress gone through in school while they learn. Instagram, slack, Facebook, Twitter has brought everyone around the world so close that all it takes a friend is another continent is to swipe our cell phones and we will be “live” together. Locations are easily adumbrated on Google map than landmarks, the very vital information that will earn us our desired success can be accessed easily on the Internet.

In spite of the numerous advantages and benefits associated with the emergence of technology, series of abuse has been on record over the years. Abuse ranging from the domestic accident, access to uncensored TV shows, head-on collision on highways caused by distractions created by the beep of our mobile phones. We have become so addicted to the Internet so much so that is gradually taking over the functions of our brain. An average school student will depend on the Internet instead of falling back to the teacher’s lesson to get an assignment done. “Technology is a necessity” but it becomes abused when they are being used in executing things that can be done without it. Tracking a half kilometre can in some case be of benefits to the human body.

The overuse and over-reliance on technology have brought us to a horizon where we forget the numerous things we can do ourselves outside the world of Technology. Handwriting has gone poor, slangs and word abbreviation has gradually replaced the well-constructed Grammar and phonetic rules. Surprisingly, the world is at peace. Smartness, Intelligence and our ability to create has been compromised and man capacity is aided by Technology.

Technology has made the impossible possible, problems have been unravelled with technology, it made life easy and amazingly, Technology is still emerging but the abuse should be frowned at. Instead of celebrating the abuse of Technology, we should once a while step out of the world of technology and see how much we can achieve when we put to full capacity the problem-solving ability within us by engaging our brains.

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