With the use of technology and the growth of digitization, fashion has become digitally focused and is witnessing numerous innovations. Fashion is the industry with the most fundamental social nature and has all the potentials and resources required to re-design our cultural patterns from the current to a more sustainable and hopeful one. The system drivers have always been designed for speed and convenience and technology have changed fashion to a great extent that people who shop online regularly find it amazing and convenient.

By 2020, pundits have predicted that half of all web searches will use voice or image searches rather than text and Fashion apps and websites that allow customers to go from search through to purchase in one smooth voice stream, rather than multiple clicks and it will build a strong competitive advantage because savvy retailers will consider ways to adapt clothing to tech demands, and ways to make tech solutions including wearables look genuinely attractive and stylish.

Meanwhile, the innovation of tech and the creativity of the fashion is a surefire way to engineer incredible user experiences and delighted customers, smart fabrics trend gives the users all the convenience and also play a vital role in altering the color as well as texture that suits the environment, consumers can easily find the product of their choice by simply clicking a photo or by scanning the image with the device they are holding, in other words, if you find the handbag very attractive while walking on the street then you just have to take a picture and the rest of the thing will be done by the app dedicated to this service.

In the near future, mobile apps will give personalized shopping experience so that they can get the best product by having a conversation with the stylist. There is no exaggeration in saying that this kind of visual search with the help of a mobile app in the fashion industry can satisfy the requirements of all the consumers in a streamlined manner but technology will propel the growth of human society in innumerable ways.

Smart fashions are the next wave in textiles and they promise to dazzle consumers with their style and innovation by taking an insightful look on the way technology is energizing or tech trends of the fashion industry, you can believe that nothing is impossible in this world. A chameleon-like technology, for instance, can produce fabrics that change colour to suit your mood, or your new handbag and new inter-connection technologies using conductive fabrics allow sensors and processing devices to be networked together.

The progress of man’s concept of fashion has also transformed over the ages and technology has rapidly assumed the status of an arguably indispensable and highly effective tool in the modern era. Clothing has always been both a necessity with regard to human civilization and a means of showcasing ones culture and interests, social status, religious leanings, cultural diversity and professional status and a wide array of different styles, aided by powerful technological tools that supplement and shape the creative ideas of fabric designers, starting from merely covering one’s body with natural fur to protect it from the vagaries of the natural elements in ancient periods of human existence to designing special suits and fabrics woven out of exotic materials to meet adverse environment requirements

We see fashion courses nowadays invariably include a major technological thrust to enable prospective designers to be abreast with the latest digital clothing trends gradually transcending from being mere fantasies to reality, digitalization incorporates sensors in the very clothing that one wears and other fascinating possibilities lie in store and one could most definitely be pleased by the thoughts of having clothes made to precise specifications at a much faster rate and with several times more durability.

As in other sectors, new technologies have begun to revolutionize how businesses in the fashion operate and in light of their growing industry demand for new solutions, tech entrepreneurs have been quick to respond with innovative products to help customers. Fashion and textile designers today need are aware of social and cultural issues in relation to what they are designing while the new technology will help all design fields to innovate for new and improved clothing and textiles, the designers will need to spend precious time keeping up with the new technologies because the innovations for clothes keep us safe, dry, hot or cold.

As the technology and innovations continue to grow, the involvedness of the different regions of the world become a part of the knowledge needed to design and we should not also forget that before fashion existed, humans wore clothes to prevent themselves from freezing to death on cold, burning to death in the hot sun, or being slashed to death as they crawled through the undergrowth in search of the next meal, connectivity has an important place in the world of fashion and we will continue to expect to see plenty of innovation in fashion in the next few years, thanks to advancements in technology.




Article by: Blessing Bassey

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