User Guide – UTME

As a UTME candidate, you have access to all subjects under all class categories i.e. UTME Humanities, UTME Science Tech, UTME Business Mgt subjects from 2010 to date.

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How do I enter Life Learners Website?

  1. Enter in your web browser and press the enter key on the keyboard.



How do I take a UTME Test?

  1. Click on the “VIEW PRACTICE TEST” button on the Homepage.



  1. Click on the “UTME” Button to enter the UTME Page.


  1.  You will now have access to explore the three(3) categories (Science ad Tech, Business Management and Humanities).     Click to select a category that covers your course.



       4. Click “Free Tests” to take the incomplete free test or “Buy Tests” to enter your card details for the complete Quiz.

       5. Enter your Login details from your card if you previously clicked on the buy test, then click on the green login button.

       6. Click to Select any of the years from the Year list Table.


7. Click on any of the subject button to select your subject of interest. You have access to 7 subjects in Science Tech, 6 subjects in Business Management, and 5 subjects in Humanities, depending on the scratch card you bought.


    8. Click on the “Purchase/Activate” button to select your membership. 


     9. There are three memberships for UTME, namely UTME Humanities, UTME Science Tech, UTME Business Mgt. Select the Membership that best describe your chosen course of study.

    10.  After selecting your membership, type in your discount code and click on the “Apply” button.



    11. Click on the Submit and Return button to complete logging in your card details. You will be redirected to the “CONTINUE AFTER ACTIVATION” page.


 12.  Refresh the “CONTINUE AFTER ACTIVATION” page to start the Quiz.

13. After reading the instructions on the Quiz start page, click on the green button “Click here to start the quiz” to start the quiz.

 14. While answering questions, you can click the “Save” button to pause the quiz timer and save your answers. You can return to the exact question later when you resume.

 On completion of the Quiz, click on the “Submit Test” button for grading upon test completion

15. After grading you can click to Retake same subject or Click go to another subject or Click to select another year to continue your learning experience.


Enjoy Learning!!!

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Want to read the offline version of this guide in PDF?  Click to download

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